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Mobile + Smartsheet | What's your story?

Tisha Leslie
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I'm in Marketing at Smartsheet and looking for examples of how our customers are using Smartsheet on Mobile devices (phone, tablet).


If you're using Smartsheet daily on mobile I would like to know more about what you do and how you do it.  Three quick questions:


1.  Describe your process before Mobile + Smartsheet

2. What three or four tasks/actions you do regularly in Smartsheet on your mobile device?

3. Fill in the blank: Being able to work in Smartsheet on your mobile device has meant ____________ to you and your business?


Thank you!





  • We have found the Smartsheet Mobile app to be an extremely fast and intuitive tool for searching for Part Numbers and Pricing.  With a catalog of nearly 4,000 priced parts, we moved the master price list to Smartsheet for better sharing, but have been very pleased to use mobile and quickly search out a part number for specs, usage and price.  Our previous method was to keep a PDF version of the price list on phones and tablets for our employees to use when working trade show booths and it was very time-consuming and difficult. 

  • Joel Johnson
    edited 08/14/15

    We use to have lots of paper and long meetings to distribute information to our production and service team.


    Our production team uses the mobile app to check production schedules, and access design drawings and prints on the shop floor.  They can also log production issues and even upload photos using thier phone.  Which will notifiy the entire team any time there is a problem.


    Also, our service team is on call 24 hours a day, and is able to log customer communications and concerns using thier mobile apps rather than waiting to come into the office to log it.  They can also make notes, and document customer visits while they are at the customers location.


  • Stephanie Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    We mainly use webforms on our mobile.  Such as requests off, meeting requests and polling place surveys.  With the surveys we use to go to 66 different locations and physically fill out the survey form, which is several pages long, then come back to the office and input the data.  Now we can do it simutanously.  As for the leave and meeting requests we use to have to wait until we got to work to fill out a piece of paper and turn it into the boss for approval (and hope the boss didn't lose it).  Now if something comes up over the weekend or after work hours it can be addressed right away.  Plus the app is great for when you are at a meeting and need to access something on the smartsheet or to share it with someone at the meeting. 

    Being able to work in Smartsheet on your mobile device has been a huge cost and time saving application for me and my work place.

  • 1.  Describe your process before Mobile + Smartsheet

    since we started using smart sheet the mobile app was there. and it was one of the significant attractions that we considered in our selection.

    2. What three or four tasks/actions you do regularly in Smartsheet on your mobile device?

    I Review information, on the go, during a casual business discussion, its giving me the our information at my fingure tips as accurate and details , rather than making calls to the office to retrive information. or searching emails.

    e.g: a table with all our invoices as I visit the client to push the collection process. i need to retrive everything about shipment and invoice , from weight , to invoice number to letter of credit number , maybe even other payments within the same letter of credit and dates. I would carry a huge bag of documents copies instead of the app.


    second things , attachments review also .


    I dont use more , since editing is not that touch screen friendly ( i would suggest you consider editing right away the check list columns atleast)


    3. Fill in the blank: Being able to work in Smartsheet on your mobile device has meant more efficient out of office activities   to you and your business? -

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