SUMIFS Formula

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Trying to calculate the Sum of the numbers in a Column with Conditions from 2 other Columns. I keep getting the #UNPARSEABLE error.

Condition: Sum up the numbers in Story Points when the "Sprint Name" column matches a certain value and "Team" column data matches a certain value. Both "Sprint Name" and "Team" fields are Text fields.

Please check the formula I used: 

=SUMIFS(Story Points:Story Points, [Sprint Name]:[Sprint Name], "Sprint 15", [Team]:[Team], "INS")


  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
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    Hi Sree,

    Looks like your first column range is missing the square brackets, try this:

    =SUMIFS([Story Points]:[Story Points], [Sprint Name]:[Sprint Name], "Sprint 15", [Team]:[Team], "INS")

    Any column name that has spaces or ends in numbers/symbols needs to have square brackets around it.