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(Sorry if this has already been asked and resolved, I couldn't find anything). 

I currently use smartsheet for our team's training log. In doing so, there are several columns that require numerical data that I would like to keep track of. 

Right now I use SUM (manually) each time someone fills out a new form, but I wanted to know if there was a way for the cell to automatically include the newly added rows from the forms? 

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  • You'll want to count the entire column range of your column, for example:

    =SUM([# Club Staff]:[# Club Staff]) 

  • Thank you so much for responding Shaine!

    When I entered that formula, it's saying "#CIRCULAR REFERENCE" - is there something else I should have done?

  • Hi,

    That means that you've got this formula in a column that contains another formula that references its data in some way. (Formulas can't reference one another's data in this way or you'll create a circular reference.)

    A couple of ways to potentially combat this: 

    1. Move the formula to another column.
    2. Reduce the range such that it references cells 1 - x (where x is the bottom of your range).
    3. Create hierarchy in your sheet and use a SUM(CHILDREN()) formula instead. More on hierarchy here:

    On #2, you'll need to make sure that you're adding new rows BELOW row 1, somewhere in the range, or you'll run into the same issue with the range not expanding.

    A function's range won't expand when you add new rows above or below it.

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