Adding task line in one sheet and displaying in/moving to another

Janet757 ✭✭✭
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I have individual sheets created for 4 people (one being mine) where we have lines for all our tasks. I use a Report to consolidate all 4 sheets.

However, when I have a  new task I want to assign, I prefer not to have to access each of their sheets to add a line. I'd like to add the task line on my sheet and assign the Task Owner from there. Then I'd like the line to display in/move to the assigned task owner's Smartsheet. Is there a way to automagically display in or move a line from my sheet to the Task Owners sheet?

Shot in the dark...

Thanks! Janet


  • restorick2378

    Hi Janet,

    Would putting all tasks in one sheet be feasible?  We're using something similar here for work requests/approval processes, where someone might request a marketing or IT resource for some work.  Their manager gets an approval request and schedules the resource.

    From there, we use the card view to visualize workload and can use all the data in the single sheet to produce reports/dashboards.

    Would this work for you?


  • Janet757
    Janet757 ✭✭✭

    Hi Rick,

    I think I'll be doing just that. Thought I'd ask the question before changing process.

    Thanks for your input!