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Resource Availability

Gordon ✭✭✭✭✭
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I need to figure out a way to view resource availability for a given time period, besides just visually scanning the resource view.  Is there a way I can create a report that would tell me the dates that a given resource is not scheduled/assigned to a task across multiple sheets, so I can assess that resource (or group of resources') availability?


  • Gordon
    Gordon ✭✭✭✭✭

    I should add that I have setup one sheet for each of my projects, and within that sheet, the individual tasks have been assigned to a resource with specific start and end dates and hours associated with those dates.  Right now, I can visually see it on the All Users view (because they will be blank or <100%), but ideally I would like a report that can tell me the same information by time period and the number of hours available.

  • You could use the reporting tool to show all tasks assigned to a specific user with a blank allocation %. This wouldnt compare multiple sheets but it could at least show tasks where they were not allocated.


    There isnt a built in way to show the number of hours someone is free. The resource management tool was built for this. You can, in a way, get hours of out the %. Just assume 100% = 8 hours.

  • Gordon
    Gordon ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/21/15

    Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, a single report per person/per sheet is not going to be useful or effective for my purposes.  Right now, I'm limited to exportng the resource view to excel and using filters from there to assess availability, but it's not ideal or an efficient process for 30+ resources and over 100 project sheets.

  • I might have not been super clear, sorry! Reports CAN look across multiple sheets and bring in data from these sheets. However, it cannot compare dates worked across sheets. For example, if User A is allocated 100% on Sheet A for Jan 1, and allocation is blank on Sheet B for Jan 1, you can run a report to show you all the tasks where User A's allocation is blank. It will pull in the row from Sheet B, which you might take as him not allocated on Jan 1, when he actually is on Sheet A.

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