Managing user permissions for OneDrive folders in Smartsheet

Hello - I am new to Smartsheet, so I have A LOT to learn!  smiley

Since attachments are not stored locally in Smartsheet, I need to save files requiring updates in OneDrive.  Rather than maintaining OneDrive access separately, is there a connector that will allow me to manage access to OneDrive based on contacts that I have invited to each Workspace? 



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    Hello Lynn,


    This is a really great question!  You can check out information about our different options for attachments here (Smartsheet does connect with OneDrive!).


    A quick tip would be to make sure that your System Administrator has allowed these attachment options from within your organization-level settings (in this Help Article under the "File Attachment Options" section).


    I'm not entirely sure that I know what you mean by managing access to OneDrive based on contacts in a Workspace.  Could I have you expand on that?  I'll be glad to look into it!

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    We are using Microsoft Teams too.

    Using the OneDrive picker it opens the "local" onedrive, but nit the sharepoint, and at the end its the same, its a link to a file.

    Was this request created? is there any plan for this implementation?

    If a Smartsheet-sheet is a "shared" work schedule, it makes sense to be able to add files from a shared MS-OneDrive-Team and not from the user OneDrive.

    The request of this is because deleting a file from the OneDrive will kill the Link. A user "leaving" the company is killing the links, files in the Team are from a Team, not from a user.