I've used Smartsheet for years and have created forms to collect data on several occasions, never had an issue until today. The form that I created is collecting data but I cannot see the data results on the sheet. I've cleared my cache, closed the app, tested it with another colleague who also cannot see the results. No columns are hidden and the font color is black. What would cause this? I can see activity, the refresh icon appears, but nothing is shown.

Does anyone know what to do?



  • Veronica de Capileira

    Hi Cammie,


    Have you tried scrolling down to see if those rows are hidden towards the bottom of the sheet?  Sometimes, I've edited my sheets and I see that the entries show up farther down.  Smartsheet thinks those edited rows are "filled," so even when they appear blank, the entries appear below them.  I usually delete the "empty" rows until the form entries and this stops happening.