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I'm trying to use VLOOKUP for the first time, and perhaps I just don't understand how it all works.  I keep getting an "invalid data type" error.  Here's my formula. 

=VLOOKUP(Workorder10, {Platform MPS Range 3}, {Platform MPS Range 4}, true) 

[Workorder]10 is the workorder number I'm attempting to search in the {Platform MPS} sheet.  It is in the leftmost (primary) column.  Range 4 is a date in the curr g2 column (which is in the 27th column) I'm attempting to retrieve from the Platform MPS sheet, and populate the VLOOKUP field with.  Both columns are of the "date" type, although I get the same error even with the text/number type.     


Snip 2.JPG


  • Googlers of the future, you must select the entire range you'll be searching on the new sheet.  So, in wishing to return a value from column 27, I needed to select the first 27 columns as my range on the other sheet.  

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