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Column Properties

David Bauman
David Bauman ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hi Community!


Is it possible to only allow for a single type of text in column cells and not any other type?  For example, if I choose the column property as a date, can the cell restirct the text in the cell to only allow for dates?  This is done in Excel using data validation.  


Please help!




  • What is the context for the dates in this column?  I haven't come across the ability to restrict text in a colum specifically to a date however, the "auto number/format" property may help you.  


    For example: Let's say you want to keep track of when a row is added or updated.  You can use the auto number/format "date created" and "date modified" feature to automatically capture this information.  You can then take it a step further and lock the column to prevent anyone from editing. 

  • Thanks for the idea, Brian.  The column would include things like "invoice date", or "contract expiration date".  Those dates could change over time.  We need to have the ability to enter in static dates in the past.  The problem we're having is that we've also purchased ClicData to visualize the data as a dashboard, and the dashboard only recognizes dates in those columns so we get error messages.  We want to restrict anything else in those columns to solely be dates in a uniform format.


    Maybe it's not developed yet.



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