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Hiding Rows


How do I hide a row, is there a specific from or sheet template that allows for hiding rows?  


I do see that hiding colums is possible, looking for the same functionality but for an individual row.



  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭
  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hiding rows doesnt exist the in the way you might be thinking (right click on a row and select Hide Row) but hiding rows can be achieved by filtering your sheet. Any row that meets the filter will be hidden from your sheet. Here's a Help Center article on filtering sheets: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/504659-filtering-columns

  • Brian S

    Yeah this is a bummer.  In my Project spreadsheet, I really need to hide rows.  Especially the help links at the top I really don't want to delete, because I'm new at this.

    I'm glad filters exist (of course they do, otherwise this product would be 5x less useful).  But hiding rows is also a unique feature of spreadsheets and also useful in other different ways.

  • Also looking to hid rows. Is this functionality that will be added soon? 

  • Roland Horwood
    Roland Horwood ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hiding rows is different from filtering. I want to be able to hide some summary rows all the time, THEN apply filters, rather than have every filter need to hide the appropriate rows.

    A simple hide functionality would be good to have.


  • Mike Upton

    Totally correct.  This should be a replication of Excel's hide function and why we can hide a column and not a row is crazy!

    PLEASE add this simple piece of functionality!



  • Nancy Koutsis

    Hello - 

    Not having a hide capability is causing me to have to manage two separate sheets for my Client projects.  I echo the comments that it would be nice to manage it all in one sheet and just be able to hide rows that are irrelevant or distracting to the client.  While you can filter, the filters do not translate to the swapping of the views such as card to gantt. 

  • Yessica

    And me to the list! I too need to the hide rows! 

  • Mark Travers

    Need to hide rows, its essential. 

  • Becky H

    I am coming across the same issue and am disappointed this isn't yet an ability. I keep hearing Smartsheet is "Excel on steroids" and I'm just not seeing it. Some things are as nice as Excel, but still a lot of functionality  missing. Especially something as simple as hiding a row. The filter won't work for me either as I need to apply filters AFTER hiding. Hopefully they add it soon! 

  • rgilbert

    I agree being able to hide rows is essential, filtering doesn't fully satisfy this in every case.

  • Cecilia
    Cecilia ✭✭

    I am seeing that this issue is not new. I can see that, since 2015, customers are asking SmartSheet to add this functionality, and it still hasn't happened. How can, new potential customers rely on quick support/request? It seems to me that SmartSheet is not listening to their customers; the ones using the software.

    Very disappointed.


  • tj59371

    Hide row function needed. Urgently 

  • margieg63
    margieg63 ✭✭
    edited 08/30/18

    On one of my smartsheets, I need to filter out rows that have been completed (using the Event Start date column) but when I do that I can no longer sort that column by date. Am I missing something? If not, anyone have a work around? As a temp. measure, I added a 'Completed' column but would love a conditional rule that would automatically hide the row based on the date...

  • Vavaud

    You can work around the issue by adding a new checkbox-type column, then checking the box if you want to hide the row.  Then, set a filter to show only un-checked rows.  You can even hide the column that contains your checkboxes if you wish to clean up your spreadsheet after "hiding" your rows.

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