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Reports and alerts

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I would like to be able to have the alerts feature added to reports, this would be beneficial so my employees can create reports and have reminders sent to them.


By doing alerts on the sheet level, the alerts are on for everyone in the contact list; however, not everyone wants to be reminded or notified.





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Are you referring to reminders or notifications? While both of these can only be set in the sheet (not the report) and can only be sent to users shared to the sheet, they do not have to go to everyone in the contact list. 


    For reminders, they can be set to send to whoever is assigned to a task or to any individual (or group of individuals) shared to the sheet. 


    Notifications can also be set to send to a specific user or multiple users shared to the sheet. 

  • Ian
    edited 08/24/15

    I am referring to both reminders and notifications.  I would like to have the same capability on Reports as I do on a sheet.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 08/31/15

    Thanks for the clarification, Ian! I'll add submit your suggestions to our Product team. 

  • Hello all!

    Ian - I completely agree with you!  We would really benefit from Alerts (notifications & reminders) being added to reports.  The Alerts capability on sheets is great, but we have various reports (pulling information from sheets) tailored to different departments/employees.  They have requested Alerts be sent to them when information on a report has changed.  


    The 2 main reasons we need Alerts to come from a report is that it is:

    1) easier to view in the actual alert email the person receives

    2) link provided in the alert email takes the person straight to the report


    Right now, alerts only come from (the master) sheet so the emails the person receives shows tons of columns that that person in particular doesn't need to see since they really only work with certain information on their individual report that we've tailored for them.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    We are working on conditional notifications based on criteria such as Assigned To columns. Would that help satisfy your requirements? 


    Here is information on what we are currently working on: https://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap

  • Johnathan Dias
    edited 01/16/17
  • Really need the ability to set Alerts on Reports and send the Alerts to People that do not have access to the original Sheet. Use Case: I have several columns of information that I do not want to share, but a subset of information does need to be shared with a Vendor. I've set up a Report to filter only the data the vendor should see, but they have no way to be alerted when that data is updated.



  • I would also find it useful to have alerts on reports as well as sheets. In our case, we have a report that pulls data from multiple sheets into a single report. Setting up individual alerts for multiple people on each sheet takes too much time on my end and requires too much maintenance, and results in my staff receiving too many emails. Also, our report is defaulted to calendar view but the underlying sheets are defaulted to grid view -- this creates confusion for the staff who only ever interact with the report.

  • We have established a "Job Candidate Tracker" sheet which has been enormously helpful! But, it houses a great deal of HR info that should not be shared widely, so we've created related reports. One of those reports is a "Referral Bonus Tracker" that reports on a date when a referring employee receives a bonus (6 months following their referral's hire date). It would be awesome if this report could push alerts to our payroll team member when we are approaching that date. Look forward to potential updates!

  • sedk
    sedk ✭✭

    I would still like this functionality as well.

    We have multiple people working on several different tasks within several different sheets and we would like to allow each individual to set up their own report to see what they are assigned to and to allow them to set up their own weekly/daily/dependent reminders/alerts depending on JUST their list of tasks.

    With no possibility for copying alerts/notifications from sheet to sheet it is indeed too much of a pain and not customized enough per each individual to set it up in every sheet we create (which is a lot).

  • Ken,

    This is the same issue I'm running into.  Have you received a response?

  • I'd like to request additional functionality to Alerts > Reminders

    I have several alerts set up to remind the team to complete tasks.  If a task is marked complete, I'd like the alerts to stop going to the team members that have completed them.  

    Is that possible? 


    Case study:

    We collaborate with about 70 people on a monthly basis.  I have reminders set up to remind the team when their tasks are due.  For the staff that completed their tasks, It would be great if they stop receiving reminders for those tasks.  

    Also, is there an easy way to copy the reminders from one project to another?  


    Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.24.48 AM.png

  • ahill
    ahill ✭✭✭

    I'm going to +1 on this as well. Having alerts on reports makes so much sense it hurts me that it's not possible.



  • Completely agreed !! We need to be able to use the reminder from report too...I hope it will come soon :) 

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