Instant Notification when a Date Changes

Hello Folks,

I am trying to set up a notification to send when an original date changes to any other date.  I used:

When the following change occurs <Date Colum>  changes to <Any Value> with In any row having no condition selected.

When I change a date a notification does not get sent.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.





  • Hi Terry,

    Did you change the Delivery Settings for the notification to send "right away"?  It defaults to "once a day", so it may just be that you haven't received the notification yet (it sends early in the morning).

  • Hi Kevin,

    Yes, I had it set at send right away.  Further investigation on the community site and I found communications regarding not being able to send the notifications to myself when I make the change.  I tested with another email address and it sent.

    I appreciate your assistance.