Ranking projects...


I have projects across multiple territories using local resources that I can allocate to the various projects. Is there a way to rank the top 10 projects so they can be visible to the sales team and if necessary be able to change the ranking and have the project reorganize so they appear in sequential order from 1 to 10 for example while still remaining in their respective territories?

For example:

Say I have 3 projects in the U.S., 3 in Brazil, and 4 in Korea.

All projects are visible in my smartsheet in their respective territories, but now Sales wants to prioritize 5 of the 10 project so they get worked on first. Since I have multiple territories I would want to keep the prioritized projects in their respective territories. I would like to have a dropdown with a range of priority or ranking of 1-5. then when a project has a priority or ranking of 1-5, it populates in a separate section showing me the top 5 projects while still keeping the project in their respective territories. Maybe having 2 rows showing the same information. Each one updating the other when changes are made to that row. Not sure if I am using the right language to best describe my request. thoughts?