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I had a question and figured maybe someone had done this already or knew of a tool that could do it. 

I'd like to utilize a form that submits values into a Smartsheet, then have Smartsheet perform calculations, and email the user an estimate. 

For example, I have Part X and Part Y.  The user enters information in the form, inputs the quantities for Part X and Part Y. 

Then ideally, Smartsheet performs a calculation.  Part X costs $1, user has entered 5.  Part Y costs $2, user has entered 5.  Smartsheet would then email the user a of $15.  

Is Smartsheet capable of performing this task?  If not, any other suggestions.  

Thanks so much,



  • Jim Hook
    Jim Hook ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Jerry,

    I haven't done this in a long time but I think you can do it with a web form and then using a notification. The sheet the web form comes into would have to have a system generated user name so the notification knows who to send the notification email to when the result of the inputs shows up in a cell that calculates a result based on the two inputs. The other user would have to be signed in to have the system know the user's email address. The notification email could be triggered by a new value (any change) in the column that contains the result. The Alerts and Actions tab at the bottom of the sheet that receives the web form is where you find the notification generator. You specify what gets sent with the notification and it's quite flexible so I think it should work for you.