Smartsheet for Outlook is here!



  • I am unable to get this to install.  It looks like several people are having the same issue.

  • Daniel Stein
    Daniel Stein Employee
    edited 05/12/15

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for letting us know. Microsoft identified a bug affecting some users who try to install Outlook apps from the Office Store. They expect it to be fixed within the next few days.


    In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could let us know exactly steps you are taking and what you are seeing. That way we can ensure that what you're seeing will be covered by the fix.




  • Daniel Stein
    Daniel Stein Employee
    edited 05/15/15

    Hi all,

    Just an update that Microsoft has fixed the intermittent issue that prevented installation of Outlook apps.


    Note that you'll need to be running on Office 365 in order to use Smartsheet for Outlook, because the app doesn't support on-premises Exchange. If you have Office 365, you'll be able to use Smartsheet for Outlook on Outlook Online and Outlook desktop 2013+ for Windows and Mac.


    Let us know if any further questions come up!



  • HI Daniel,

    I so so wanted this to work! I actually got the App installed (very proud that I figured that out)

    Step One: I click on the grey bar in the email, where it shows Smartsheet(Beta) -

    Step Two: I see the words 'Connect to Smartsheet" and I click on that

    Step Three: A new window opens that asks if I want to Allow Access to Smartsheet.I click YES

    Step Four: Another window opens, and it is blank and has this url:


    Any idea whats going on?




  • Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for reaching out! The /closeMe window should actually close on its own, and something about your browser settings may be preventing this from happening. If you close that window, you should see the search box in the Smartsheet app window, which means the app is up and running.


    I would recommend taking a look at our support article, which lays out the login steps and what you will see when it succeeds:


    Let us know if we can help further!



  • Outlook Integration with Smartsheet is critical for us. I can't get it to work with my company Office 365 account. Every time I try to connect I get an error message. I will try to contact Microsoft Support unless anyone has suggestions.             

    :-( Something went wrong
    We couldn't find a mailbox for this recipient. Either they don't have a mailbox or don't have a license assigned.
  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Stan, if Microsoft support can't help you, email [email protected]

  • Jon N
    Jon N ✭✭

    Why does Outlook plug-in still not work. 


    When i follow links to download it, I get the error message for my email account that says: "Sorry your account has not yet been converted."


    I'm using the desktop version of Outlook 2013. 

  • Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the question. Most Outlook apps do not currently run on You'll need a mail account on Office 365 for business in order to use Smartsheet for Outlook. Feel free to let us know if more questions come up.


    Best regards,


  • Previous posts have indicated a 2016 plan to integrate One Note.  Can you please confirm if this is still the case?  If not, what new timline are you projecting?


    Thank you,


  • David Edwards
    David Edwards ✭✭✭
    edited 02/09/17

     So it looks to me after I have installed this application into a office 365 account that you have to have all of your emails now sent to  some random office 365 email account instead of your normal email accounts that you have for your business and have been using for years. I sure as heck am not going to change my email address for all of my accounts with all of my customers,  Business contacts and creditors as well as the emails of all of the people in my office that use smart sheets and outlook just so we can use this integration. This can't really be the expectation from Smartsheet and Microsoft can it? Maybe I am just missing something but this seems completely useless for anybody with an established email account that they don't want to just throw away. We spend years establishing our web presence and client familitarily with our web address and this seems just a crazy way of getting our traffic to go through Microsoft servers so they can mine out email traffic for salable data.   Please help me understand if I am getting this wrong. Thanks.