Conditional Formatting (color coding)

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I would like some assistance on the best way to color code rows and columns with multiple commands.

So, far I have created three  forms and would like each form to be color code using colors that will inform researchers on its priority and to whom it should be assigned. I have been able to color code columns and rows with ease. For instance, each project number is bold, and if a project manager is not selected by smartsheet coordinator, that column turns into RED to show error there.

However, I cannot instruct the three requests to turn each column into one color despite having separate conditions for each requirement. I have tried to use the If "column name" contains "value1, value2, value3" format without any color changes to the relevant rows as chosen from the three forms. Now I do not know how the managers viewing this sheet can quickly know which ones to look at first and delegate.

Please help me with this formatting or a different method to change colors automatically.

Thanks in advance :)