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I know that the smartsheet charts app is still in production, but is it possible to have sheet containing North American states and hyperlinks, then  using the 'map' chart, click on a particular state and then it will take you to that hyperlink?


  • Shaine Greenwood
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    Hi Dwayne,

    The Maps labs app is separate from our Smartsheet charting functionality. (We do have a separate Chart labs app that uses Google charts, which will soon be discontinued.)

    With the Maps labs app, you can manually add locations to your sheet and have the Maps app create map pins based off of this. More info on this app is available here:

  • I would like a way to open Google Maps and route me to an address when selected from my Smart Sheets mobile app. Similar to calling or email. Suggestions would be great. Thanks

  • @Shaine Greenwood Can you please fix the link to the Maps App above. I've spent about 90 minutes trying to get a simple google maps link based on lat/long working and I'm hoping this can help. Currently I only see mapping links working as expected if you fill a form from the smartphone app. Seems odd to only have that functionality on mobile.

    Any help appreciated.



  • I would agree/2nd this. It is months after Shaine's comment above, and the link is still broken...


  • Erik_G
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    Hi Dwayne,

    I suggest trying Mapsly which is an extension available on Smartsheet Marketplace. Within that tool you can display your records from Smartsheet and show them as points on the map and quickly filter points by state/city. Inside the map you can click to go back to Smartsheet to that record (row).

  • Type the address on google maps, click share location. Hyperlink to specific cell in smartsheet “cntrl v”.

  • cbsarge
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    For anyone who stumbles upon this post looking for a simple way for addresses in a Smartsheet to open in Google Maps when you click them what I did was create a new column and called it MAP IT!. In the first cell in the column I pasted the following and then converted it to a formula. In my case I have a column called Address with the street address and a column called City State. This formula combines the values from both into a link that opens in Google Maps.

    ="" + SUBSTITUTE(Address@row, " ", "+") + SUBSTITUTE([City State]@row, " ", "+")