IF statement formula needing help

Kelli Lenz
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I'm needing help completing a formula. The formula that is needed will look specific data in column "A" then specific data in column "B" with the result of these to coming from a different little grid.

I've got the 1st (A & B) correct but can't seem to get the 3rd criteria to pull correctly.  

=IF(ISBLANK([column 1]3:[column 1]2649, "x", IF([column 10]3:[column 10]2319, "1", specific cell))) -- incorrect argument set 

also tried:

=IF([column 1]2649, "x", IF([column 10]3:[column 10]2319, "1", LOOKUP([x]3, [another data set]2651:ID2656, 2, false))) - invalid data type


My destination cell should result in .75

3rd criteria data set attached for viewing.


3rd data set.JPG


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