Multi-level dashboards - creating new tab in browser

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Hello community people,

I have a DB (Dashboard) requirement requirement, and want to get your advice.

Usecase - 2 level of DB, Top level: a list of DBs. 2nd level: individual DBs. Non-license users (senior management) go from top level, then click to go 2nd level individual DBs. 

Requirements - Users are non-licensees. They don't want to do anything but click to back and forth between DBs (no login screen). 

How DBs are designed & linked - Top level: Publish URL. 2nd level: URL Link. 

  • My understanding is that using URLs are only way to have users only click, and avoid logins

Issues - Smartsheet creates a new tab for 2nd DB. My VP expects to use backward button to go back top level DB, but surely, not happen. Further, it keep creating new tabs if users go different 2nd DB - this is kinda annoying.

Questions -

1) creating new tabs - is it an expected behavior? Browsers or smartsheet?

2) Any way of preventing new tabs?

3) If you have another way of creating my usecase, I'd appreciate your solution!

Perhaps my question is silly because I'm not an expert for browser technology.


Thanks everyone!




  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
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    Hi Yoko,

    This is expected behavior. Published dashboard links are handled the same way that any link in Smartsheet is handled, and it defers to the browser setting for clicking on hyperlinks. There currently isn't a way to create a multi-paged navigation system like this in Smartsheet, you'd need to consider publishing iFrames of your different dashboards on a website of some kind that has in page back/forward navigation.

    More on publishing as an iFrame is available here:

  • Thank you Shaine. I opened a support ticket, and they told me this is an expected behavior.  But tech support said they'll put my request into a feature request - say browser asks "do you want to open a new window?" I see this message sometimes.  Thanks for your iFrame advice.