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clifka ✭✭✭
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In process of creating a formula and I can't seem to get it to work correctly.  Any feedback is welcome.

I have two columns.  Both are drop downs.  

Column Program:  A, B, C

Column Status:  A, B, C, D, E

Would like to create a formula that will count how many A's are in Program column WHEN Status column is b, c, or d

All formulas I am creating give me error messages?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank You.



  • Tukee
    edited 03/07/18

    This works for me. 

    =IF(Status3 <> "A", IF(Status3 <> "E", COUNTIF(Program3, "A")))

    See image. I think it follows the logic you're looking for.


  • clifka
    clifka ✭✭✭

    Thank You Tukee.

    Unfortunately, this isn't working for me.  I will keep trying.  

  • Not what you were looking for? Or do you just get the unparsable error or similar error? Load some screen shots I'll see if I can help you figure it out. 

  • clifka
    clifka ✭✭✭

    I receive #invalid Data type and #invalid operation.  I have attached a couple of the formulas I have tried related to what you sent.   Here is a better snapshot of what I am trying to accomplish:

    I am attempting to create a formula which references another sheet

    One column called Program with drop down options of Service Expansion, Frontline Fast, Readyline Express.

    Another column called Status with drop down options of Qualifying, Initial Meeting/Needs Analysis, Proposal, Negotiation, Closed Won, Not Interested, Doesn’t

    I am trying to create a formula, in a separate worksheet, that will count all the ‘Service Expansions’ in the program column WHEN the Status is “Qualifying, Initial Meeting/Needs Analysis, Proposal, or Negotiation”.

    Formula IF Countif.png

    Formula IF Countif B.png

    Formula IF Countif C.png

  • clifka
    clifka ✭✭✭

    Hi Tukee!

    Wanted to let you know that this has been resolved.  Thank you for your help along the way.

    Have a GREAT day.

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