Combine charts in Smartsheet

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Combine charts in Smartsheet

edited 12/09/19 in Using Smartsheet

I would like add a chart to a dashboard showing actual vs forecast revenues per month.

I need a combined chart - actual revenue shown in bar format and forecast shown in line format.

I know you can do this type of chart in Excel however I'm struggling in Smartsheets I only have the option to have a line or bar chart.

Is there a way to do this or a work around please?

Thanks in advance



  • SasanSasan Employee


    Thanks for your feedback and vote for supporting Combo chart.  At this time its not supported and there is no work around.  We will add your vote to support in the future.



  • Hello, is there anything new regarding combo (two axis) charts? I need them as well. Thanks for the update.

  • I need this add well, (two axis) charts, please add my vote.


  • Any update on combo charts?  I use them all the time in Excel.  Please add my vote.

  • Hello,

    I also think that combination charts are important to have in Smartsheet. I do have now a project where I need to have this option, but now I have to export the data from Smartsheet to excel and do the graph there.  I hope this option gets added soon together with more options for graphing, like a radar chart, scatter chart, markers for the charts and more.

  • Agree.  Add my vote to providing the capability to create combo charts.   Thanks!

  • I would also like to add in my vote to be able to create combo charts within Smartsheet. Thank you!

  • Adding one more vote to be able to create combo charts within Smartsheet. Thank you!

  • My team is making me look at other options for dashboards instead of smartsheets because we don't have the ability to have the goal and trend lines in the charts on our dashboard.  Does anyone have a workaround? 

    They want me to use Power BI and that will be a big learning curve and so far I think that is the program that keeps crashing my laptop.  The sooner the better with updated graphs for smartsheet dashboards.

  • Another vote for two axis / combo charts here. 

  • oh yah very helpful. Hard to leave excel and power BI behind. Come on SS! you can do it!

  • I agree. I use a graph to show how the monthly sales are trending using the stacked bars. I would like to add a line graph that shows how sales were up or down on the previous year to quickly compare.

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