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Which Tablet Platform is best for SmartSheet?

Paul Smith
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Ipad vs Android (Galaxy), WHich one is best for use of SmartSheet?Any info is great. Thank you.




  • Stephen Uekert

    We use multiple iPad's and are very pleased with the useability. I think your question is a bit subjective perhaps in that everyone has their favorite platform they like to use. So it may just come down to what you like and maybe what tablets you already have.


    For us, iPad's.


    Take care.

  • Paul Smith



    Thank you for the input. I am hoping someone has used both platforms and might have felt one interface and peformance was better?I know Smartsheet updates Ipad versions first. I just do not know if versions being equal which is better or are they the same.


    Thank you

  • John Hammond
    edited 09/03/15

    I have used both the iOS and Android Smartsheet apps on tablets. Heres what I found:


    -iOS typically gets new features first

    -iPads feel higher quality than android tablets and tend to have less issues over the long term but will be more expensive

    -The app on both platform performs great (no issues with either) and pretty much the same overall experience

    -Android gives you the ability to upload file types other than just images (iOS doesnt support file management or attaching file types other than images - iOS restriction, not Smartsheet)


    In my personal life I use both platforms. I have an Android phone and an iPad. I love them both and I would not get an iPhone or an Android tablet. Kinda backwards, I know... 


    My recommendation... iPads! 

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