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Phil Kvern
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I've created a report to pull data into a smartsheet based on a checkbox field.  The field is called Dashboard and the report criteria searches all smartsheets and work spaces looking for this field and if it's checked it pulls data into the report.  There is one smartsheet that has items that have no check in this field pulled into my report, and there are some items in this same sheet that have the box check but don't get pulled in.  Data from other sheets seems to be pulling in fine.


Has anyone run into this situation?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Typically in these cases, there is something in the data or the criteria that is causing the rows to be included or omitted.  Could you post a few screenshots showing your report criteria and a couple example of rows that are being pulled in and omitted? 

  • Hello,


    I have a series of project schedules built and stored in a workspace folder. Is it possible to create a report that summarizes all the project timelines where I can just pull only the parent row? Right now it appears that my only option is to pull all the rows within each project which makes the project really long.


    My work around for the moment until I hear back was to create a dashboard and link to the parent row of each project and then build a report from the dashboard. It works but it's very manual.


    Thanks for your feedback. Looking for the shortest / time-efficient route to do this.



  • Hi Caroline--


    We don't currently offer the ability to automatically pull only parent rows into a report, but you could accomplish this by adding a checkbox column to your sheets and either manually checking the boxes in parent rows or adding a formula to the column to automatically check rows that have children:


    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Primary]1)) > 0, 1)


    You'll want to replace the "[Primary]1" reference with the correct cell reference to the primary column in your sheet.


    Then, you can add a criteria to your Report Builder to pull in the rows where this column is checked.


    Let me know how this works for you.

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