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I want to convert column data into rows in a report. How can I do that. "Transpose" function in excel serves this requirement.



  • Gwyneth C
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    There isn't a way to do this natively in a report.

    However, I have a coupe of ideas. I don't know how many rows and columns you're working with ... so apologies if these don't work for you. They're likely not useful if you're working with a large amount of data.

    Idea 1:

    Rather than using a report, you could create a dashboard, and use a chart widget to display the data using the new charting feature. The chart widget has a switch rows/columns feature that may help you see the data in the way that you want. For more information, see Compare Live Data with a Chart.

    Idea 2:

    If that doesn't work for you, it IS possible to Export the data from Smartsheet to Excel (or copy and paste it) and then use the Paste Special/Transpose functionality in Excel you mentioned to get the data to visually display the way you'd like. You can then re-import it (or copy paste) back to Smartsheet. 

    More information on exporting is here: Export a Sheet or Report from Smartsheet. Information on importing is here: Import Files to Create New Sheets.

    If these aren't useful (or even if they are), please do use the Submit Product Enhancement Request link to the right to have your suggestion of being able to transpose report data added to the list of desired features.

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  • Kenyon Bajus
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    I need the transpose function in Smartsheet for better looking printed reports. Displaying the columns as rows works better on a printed sheet of paper.