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Hi, I'm fairly new to Smartsheet so apologies if this is obvious. I am essentially trying to bring information from 2 sheets which I can then edit or work on. Some background..

We have a sheet which details resourcing for ongoing projects (backlog) and another which contains information on the pipeline. The backlog gives resource days for the coming months whereas the pipeline has only the total project value, and the planned start date. 

I would like to have one sheet which shows all projects (both ongoing and future) with resource days for coming months which either feeds through from the backlog or can be edited for the pipeline. I would also like to be able to add totals lines and formulas. I can produce a report, but I can't make any edits in the report but if I make a sheet, then the project names etc are not dynamic and new lines for new work would have to be manually added.

Is there any way to have a sort of combination of a report and a sheet to do what I need?


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    Short answer : no you can't!


    If you want advanced manipulation and visualisation of your data you can connect your sheets to Excel (see but then you want be able to send data back to SmartSheet...


    Please let me know if you get better ideas!


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    I'm not sure if this helps, but I have used the Kanban sheet to link through to multiple sheets which gives me view in either grid or card, then write a report against the Kanban sheet, the values in the sheet update whenever the source sheets do, so the report is always current. I have multiple sheets for costs, plans, checklist etc and then reference the relevant fields in the Kanban, I am also able to create a RAG status across multiple sheets.

    Kind regard.. Ben.