Equivalent of MS Project constraints in Smartsheet

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Can someone tell me what is the equivalent of MS Project constraints in Smartsheet. I have been reading of using Lag time but wanted to know if there is another way of doing it the same.

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  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Taru,

    Er du Norsk?

    Smartsheet has dependencies built right in. You can use these to achieve what you're after.

    1. You'll need some date columns in your sheet, so create Start Date and Finish Date columns (in Date format).
    2. Next click on the Gantt View in the toolbar to the left of your screen.
    3. When the Gantt appears, click on the Edit Project Setting gearwheel in the top left of the Gantt.
    4. You'll see that Smartsheet has already found your Date columns and assigned them within the Dependency Settings window.
    5. To enable Dependencies, check the Dependencies Enabled checkbox below this.
    6. If you don't already have Predecessors and Duration columns in your sheet, Smartsheet will automatically create and assign them for you.

      Note: You'll also see a number of other project options that can be set on this screen, including % Complete, Working Days and Working Days. Feel free to set these now.

    If you locate the Predecessors column in your sheet, it will behave in a similar way to MS Project, with the ability to free type dependencies (e.g. 2FS + 2d, 24 etc.) or set them via the pop-up dialogue that appears when you click on the edit icon in each cell.

    Hope this was what you are after.


  • That's a big big weak point of smartsheet not to be able to have the ability to constrain dates like in microsoft project and primavera.