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Scrolling with a mouse wheel



  • iwolff
    edited 02/06/18

    Had this same problem. Decided to troubleshoot it with the Extensions off advice. When I determined it was an extension problem I started turning them on again until I replicate the problem. Seems that the Imagus extension was creating the issue for me.

    Hopefully this will help someone else out there!

  • This fixed my problem, thank you!!

  • I also found that the imagus extension caused this issue.

    I was able to configure the extension with a "Grant" to block the smartsheet url, instead of disabling the extension altogether.

    In Chome: More Tools -> Extensions -> Imagus Details -> Extension Options -> Grants -> "!:app.smartsheet.com/"

  • +1 for Imagus causing this issue in Chrome. I used the "Grants" option as well within the Imagus Options menu to block Imagus from running on any smartsheet.com URL and now I can scroll. Whoohoo!


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