Alternative to create a Chart from data on a Report

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

After reading several discussions I am completely disappointed that I cannot create a Chart directly from a report.  So I am looking to understand some alternative options.  I have ONE master sheet that tracks ALL of our department project status'.  What I needed was to track ONE teams projects - so I created a report so that I can track just a specific group of people's project status'.  FROM that report - I created a dashboard and want to use this dashboard to send to leaders and others so they can see what this group is working on, what is their RYG status, timeline, phase, etc.  

I want to add a chart to the dashboard that ONLY reflects data from the report.  The master sheet has too much detail that is not needed.  

How can I include a chart?  Charts I was looking to create (only based on data from the report details):

  • Number of projects by Phase
  • Number of projects by Project Manager (name)
  • Count of RYG status (how many projects are red, yellow & green)

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.