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Overriding Non-Working Days

09/30/15 Edited 12/09/19

Most of our projects include M-F working dates, however at the end of each project there is often a conference or event which may take place over a weekend or other non-working day. I'd love to be able to override and enter tasks on weekends for these instances without turning the entire project into a 7-day work week project and accidentally having other tasks "pushed" onto a weekend by mistake. Is there a way to override?

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  • edited 10/01/15

    I think the only way is to make the default a 7 days working week and make the 'normal' weekends exception. 



  • Do you mean set the working week to 7 days but make all weekends (except for the weekend of the event) a non-working/holiday/vacation status?


    That might work. Thanks!


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    Yes, that is what I mean. It is a bit basic workaround but it works. 

  • If its only only a weekend here and there, you could do the following:


    -Create a new task (row) for Sat and Sun (each row only scheduled on one day)

    -Create a row above the two weekend rows.

    -Indent the two weekend rows under the new row


    Now you can collapse the two weekend rows under the parent row to give the impression of a single row but still have your weekend task.

  • Crissy NolenCrissy Nolen ✭✭✭✭✭
    • Elapsed time (lead with an e to indicate duration in elapsed time e.g. e3d, e5h, e3.5d, etc). A task with a duration in elapsed time ignores non-working time. The task will start and end in the amount of time specified regardless of working day length and non-working days in the sheet.
  • Adding the Sat and Sun rows indented gives the impression in the gantt view but the days total is only 1d for a Fri-Sun range instead of 3d.

  • Thanks "Crissy Nolen"

    I'd tried it and it is working fine blushyes

  • Brilliant, thank you! 

  • Thanks for solving this for me -- just the guidance I needed!

  • Crissy, hello.

    I have a date and duration calculating problem where a task of 6 days duration is behaving in an odd manner when I try to use your prefix 'e' solution to "override" Sat and Sun as non-work days within Project Settings.

    Grid and Calendar Views both show 7 days Duration instead of the specified/required 6 days, and Gantt View shows just 5 days.

    Any thoughts as to what I may be doing wrong?

    Any help appreciated!




  • ZachwZachw ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for this, works perfectly

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