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Hello all,

I am relatively new to Smartsheet and have hit a wall in trying to automate a RYG. I am looking to change the color by listing multiple possibilities from a range of cells. My idea was to create a separate column for the formula, hoping to return a "1" or a "0". Then I could add a simple formula in the RYG column to change accordingly based on that "0" or "1".

The below formula returns the dreaded #INVALID OPERATION entry. Can anybody see where I am going wrong? In the below picture, each column has it's own drop down list to populate the cells. I chose the values from each column in the below formula.

Thank you for any and all help with this.


=IF(OR([Security Agreement]57:[Freight Forwarder]57 = "Pending", [Security Agreement]57:[Freight Forwarder]57 = "Re Quote 30 Days Prior", [Security Agreement]57:[Freight Forwarder]57 = "MCC Pending", [Security Agreement]57:[Freight Forwarder]57 = "3rd Party Pending"), "0", "1")

Formula Error.JPG


  • Jim Hook
    Jim Hook ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I think the problem is that the arguments for an OR function cannot be an array. In other words, each of your arguments includes an array of cells from [Security Agreement]57 to [Freight Forwarder]57, or something similar but at least two cells, and the argument can only have one cell to compare against at a time. You need to do a separate part of the OR function for each cell you're looking for "Pending" in.

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