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I am trying to combine two formulas into one, both, are correct on their own but I am unsure on how to combine them.

Formula1: =IF([% Complete]7 < ABS(0.6), "High", "Low")

Formula2: =IF(Blocked7 = 1, "High", "Low")

So, if either of the "BOLD" conditions above are satisfied, then I would want the true/false values to return in the formula cell. 

Thank you!



  • Woohoo, I answered my own question.

    Solution: =IF(OR(([% Complete]7 < ABS(0.6)), Blocked7), "High", "Low")

  • try this

    =if(or([% Complete]<ABS(0.6),Blocked7=1),"high","low")

    I'm not sure what the ABS cell is representing, but just make sure that your <,>,= symbols are used correctly in the formula.

  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Respectfully, I'd go with:

    =IF(OR([% Complete]<0.6,Blocked7),"Hi","Low")

    You don't need to specify criteria when referencing checkboxes in an IF statement and the ABS is doing nothing at all because you're already specifying a positive value. You'd only use ABS if you were referencing a value that could be + or - and you wanted to deal with the value as an absolute (i.e. positive) number.



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