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Hey Guys, 

unsure if this is possible but lets see.

I am going to be using card view as a kanban style work stream for my team, each card will have an estimated effort as to how long the job will take and an actual field for the actual time.

each of my staff i could say has 5 hours a day free.

what i am trying to achieve is a way of building a dashboard view that basically says we have x tickets, that totals x amount of effort, and our resource availability looks like y.


  • Hello,

    You can create formulas that calculate effort, resource availability, and tickets available. How you build the formulas depends on the overall structure of your sheet. I'd recommend checking out our formulas list:

    A couple to call out here are:

    • SUMIF—this is good to sum tickets that aren't complete
    • CHILDREN—this is good if you're using hierarchy

    If you're wanting to build a dashboard with a high level view, I'd recommend creating your formulas for calculating resources, effort, and number of open tickets—then possibly displaying that information with a metric widget in a Smartsheet dashboard:

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