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Hi guys

So I have 3 questions.

1) I'm paying $19 month but not getting any support via phone/email. Any idea why is that? 3 days ago I sent an email until now no reply. I called them and auto responder asked me to send an email.

2) I've created a Gantt chart and while exporting, i selected my end date but the output is wrong. 

Screenshot -


3) I;m using times new roman font size 12 and its very clear but when i export, the font size is too small and the font is not clear. I tried PDF/PNG output.


Any idea why?





  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Sam,

    1. Can't help you with this one buddy. You'll have to wait for a Smartsheet rep.
    2. The white space at the end of your Gantt is because the zoom level is set to Months as a primary and Smartsheet is showing you the additional 2 weeks because they fall in May (the same month the project finishes). Nothing you can do about this.
    3. Do you have an example? A screen cap of your Smartsheet instance and then of the exported pdf would be great. It may simply be a zoom level on the pdf that is causing the issues, as 12pt is fine.

    Kind regards,

    Chris McKay

  • Thank you Chris, appreciate it