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New Tab Instead of New Window

When I add a link it opens in a new window, and I hate that! Is there a way to make it open a new tab instead?




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Adam, are you referring to adding hyperlinks to your sheets? The default behavior should open the link in a new tab - not a new window. If this is not the behavior you are seeing, try using a different web browser (just to test) and see if links open in a new tab or a new window. This will help narrow down the possible cause. 

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Can the items like:

    Community, Help, Help Center, and Training please open up as tabs and not as new browser windows?


    Every time I click on it I have to go to the new window, select "show as tab" and then drag it into my existing browser window.  Not fun, or necessary really.




  • Hi Brad-- This is a great suggestion! I've passed it along to our Product team as a point for improvement in future development. 



  • The same issue is with attachments - on click it opens in some special window what is not possible to move between tabs, copy addreress, navigate by buttons etc. Also whan I hold Cmd while clinking to the attachment it will not open in a tab (default browser bahaviour) but it will select attachment.

  • Mark McGuire
    edited 01/12/17

    I am having the same issue but I am unable to find a specific solution in Smartsheet's forum. When I click on a link to an attachment in the task, it opens up in a new window (using Chrome).


    As a result, I have to copy the link, close the window, and paste the link into a new tab next to my Smartsheet tab so I can easily switch back and forth while reviewing.  


    In addition, when Smartsheet opens the attachment in a new window, the browser does not display the usual navigation bar, bookmarks, etc.... It feel like a custom Smartsheet version of Chrome, not Chrome itself.


    Any solutions?

  • It appears to be not related to my browser settings. I have been testing this issue and the same experience is happening on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. (On a MacBook so I am not touching Microsoft or Opera).


    All three browsers are automatically set to open in a new tab instead of a new window. So this is not a browser specific issue. This is a Smartsheet issue.


    It appears Kennedy Stomps acknowledged this issue and passed it along to support. In the meantime, I do have a workaround.  It is possible to A) C/P the link in the "new" window and add it to the original window (with a new tab)


    or B) if your browser supports it, drag the tab from "new" window to original window which closes the new window automatically.  It does appear you have to refresh the tab because it gets non-responsive at times.


    Hope this helps. Annoying but what else can we do but wait for a solution?

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