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04/23/18 Edited 12/09/19


I'm in need of a little help.  I am trying to create a spreadsheet that allows me to calculate the reimbursement amount.  For instance, if the employee returns a receipt over the allowance amount then the total would be the allowance amount.  If it's less than the allowance amount then it equals the receipt amount.  It seems like it should be easy but it's Monday.  Could someone please assist me?

Thank you in advance




  • =If([receipt amount cell] > [allowance amount cell], [allowance amount cell], if([receipt amount cell] < [allowance amount cell], [receipt amount cell], ""))

    Hopefully that makes sense

  • Thank you very much!!

  • You will have an issue with this if the receipt is exactly the amount of the allowance.  It would be better to simplify the formula and use:

    =IF([receipt amount cell] > [allowance amount cell], [allowance amount cell], [receipt amount cell])

    Hope this helps!


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