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Ginger Mason
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I'm sorry if the answer to my question is available. I could not find information about automating a scheduled update criterion included in a formula. 


For a monthly dashboard, I created a series of formulas to count the number of topics at various development stages, total days in each stage, and the cycle time between each of the stages, such as from request date to publication date.  


To avoid updating multiple formulas each month, is it possible to add a function to automate criterion to display the current month, the current month -1, or the required month based on information updated in one located each month?  


Here is a formula example:

=COUNTIFS PubMonth:PubMonth, "4", PubYear:PubYear, "2018"





  • rjudenberg

    You can use MONTH(TODAY()) to get the current month. Add or subtract 1 as needed for prior or future month

    If you plan on crossing the year boundary  you will need to use the year as well


    current period =COUNTIFS(PubMonth:PubMonth, MONTH(TODAY()), PubYear:PubYear, YEAR(TODAY()))

    previous period  = IF(MONTH(TODAY()) > 1, COUNTIFS(PubMonth:PubMonth, MONTH(TODAY()) - 1, PubYear:PubYear, YEAR(TODAY())), COUNTIFS(PubMonth:PubMonth, 12, PubYear:PubYear, YEAR(TODAY()) - 1))

    next period = IF(MONTH(TODAY()) < 12, COUNTIFS(PubMonth:PubMonth, MONTH(TODAY()) + 1, PubYear:PubYear, YEAR(TODAY())), COUNTIFS(PubMonth:PubMonth, 1, PubYear:PubYear, YEAR(TODAY()) + 1))

  • Ginger Mason


    Thank you for solving the problem and including the formulas for all three scenarios. 

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