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I have read the comments on Successors from Nov , 2015

Has a successor column been added and addressed this issue? The comments made as to having to manually put those numbers in is totally inefficient since there are other programs out there that will do that automatically. 

Please advise.



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  • Yep, it has been addressed.

  • Nel CNel C ✭✭✭✭✭


     I have found a way to provide as input, the row id to be analyzed and return the list of rows that are dependent on it. (I.e. the opposite of "Predecessors"). 

    I wouldn't advise running this on each row, and pasting the data to a Successors column as the data will become stale as soon as rows are added/deleted.  It is intended to be used dynamically when you are interested in a given row. 

    Below is a link to the solution I came up with:

    I'm still hoping that Smartsheet will come up with a proper solution (i.e. provide a "Successors" column that auto populates as the Predecessors column is updated.

    Hope it is somewhat helpful to you.

  • not providing an option to show a successors column is an inconvenience managing a large 600 task schedule that may span over a years. Its discouraging that such useful software (SmartSheets) would not address this after 5 years of being on customer's list. Is it really that difficult to code this into the software? I would go back to MS Project if I had to maintain the schedule.

  • Agreed. This is really needed. I don't want to fall back to MS Project. Drives me crazy and limits what I need to do for complex & large tasks.

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