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Hey all I need some help with tracking the latest changes in a row for my sheet. My sheet is going to have repeating update requests to track each shifts production levels every couple hours. The team leaders will update the row with the current production number at every interval. I want to have a helper column that will report a 1 if the row is in the current day. The issue is that with the modified column switching from a 1 (active) to a 0 (inactive) counts as a change, which updates the date/time and makes the row active again.

Once I have this set I'll use the helper to filter a report and the report to build charts on the current days information, which I already have done. The only issue is getting the identifiers correct. 

I've posted a cut down version of the sheet below.


Any help is appreciated


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    I kind found a solution, albeit not a very pretty one. I used match(max(Modified date/time)) to locate the maximum among the date/times, then checked against that number to post correctly to a new data set below. I copied all correlating values from above for the report, then locked it and hide it all. 


    The modified date/time calculations are really glitchy right now I found. I kept getting blocked errors on stuff I shouldn't have been getting blocked on. For example one of my formulas output a 1. Another cell references the 1 and gets blocked, even though it just called the value of the cell, nothing else. 

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