Check In/Out inventory log

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I am hoping someone has an idea for a solution to my problem. I have an inventory that keeps track of giveaways. I created a second sheet with a form to fill out how many of each giveaway I pack for each event. I count the giveaways that come back after the event, and I need a way for this to reflect the number remaining in the inventory. 

For instance, I pack 10 pens for an event and only 4 pens come back, I need a way to track that there are 6 fewer pens in my inventory. I'm sure I can figure out the formulas if I do the subtraction myself and enter the negative number but I was really hoping to save myself this couple of steps since we do quite a few events throughout the year.

Anybody know if this can this be done or is this wishful thinking?


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