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I am pulling data from multiple cells within a Project Sheet. The issue is that for each cell, the information is being presented differently. In some cells, the data is presented BELOW the Cell Title while in other cells, the data is presented NEXT TO the Cell Title. Is there a way to have the data presented the same for all cells being linked to a Metric Widget? All cells are formatted identical (Text/Number, Justified Left and Top, no text wrapping, Arial 10)

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  • Andrée StaråAndrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Bryan,

    This depends on how much information there is and how it fits in the widget. 

    I hope this helps you!


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  • SasanSasan Employee


    At this time, you may have to play around with the content (value) in the cells to make them close in # of characters (length).  In some cases we are wrapping the value under the name and some case we are not.  That's most likely due to value length.  So that we can paint a good picture for future enhancement, would you be able to add a screen capture of your range selection in the sheet.  We can then use the range and respective presentation as an example for enhancement.



  • Sasan,

    What you are saying is that the location of the data is dependent on the total amount of the data? Do you know what the cut off is? 

  • Unfortunately it does not. I am trying to format the Dashboard to be "pleasing" to the eye which means that I am trying to get the data formatted identical. The auto sizing of the widgets as well as this data "rule" is not making it easy.

    I am still playing around with how to "correct" this, but it is a little frustrating. It is not a high priority issue at all, except to me. I do not want a client or an internal team distracted by anything during a meeting. So I try to make the formatting universal so that only the words change and their eyes are automatically brought to the "movement" of the change from widget to widget.

  • SasanSasan Employee


    Yes and there is no set cut off, as characters have different lengths.  It's a matter of adding spaces or ...... or spaces and ' at the end to try to get it to close to a match on the content.


  • sravya.gupta127326sravya.gupta127326 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi team, I have the same issue as Bryan - has there been any solution identified in the last 2 years for this? Thanks!



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