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I have a column titled aging and its the [created date]-[Today()]. The problem is that there is no trigger when the line item is completed/canceled, as a result it shows that that item is still currently aging in fact it has been completed/canceled. What I would like to do is build if possible and If statement that if the status is complete then default the aging cell to "0". Any suggestions on how to do this?




  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    See if this one works? I'm not totally sure on all the details of your columns... but check out this one based on column23. You'll need to replace the status column title with your own

     =IF(OR([status column]23 = "completed", [status column]23 = "canceled"), 0, [created date]23 - Today())

  • or try this

    =IF(Complete1 = 1, 0, (Created1 - TODAY()))

  • I had wanted to know how old something is, unless it was done... and if it was done what the duration had been.

    =IF([Resolution Date]1 = "", TODAY() - [Initiated Date]1, [Resolution Date]1 - [Initiated Date]1)

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