Portfolio Reporting

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I am new to Smartsheet and my goal is to have a dashboard for our PMO with links to the various projects. Each project may be led by different people in the company. Do you have suggestions on how to set up the Dashboard for automatic roll up of information? I have found some helpful articles here, but I would love to know if anyone is using it for a PMO and if there are best practices.

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  • I am using Dashbaords for both individual projects and for the PMO overview of all projects.

    I don't know about best practice..., but I found it easier to setup a one summary sheet that I pulled in (linked) all the various elements from the different project sheets.  This summary sheet had all the elements I wanted to report on, including the Start, Finish, and % Complete, so I got a summary Gantt as well.

    Then created a report that pulled in all these rows from the summary sheet, then using the Report Widgit, then displayed this report on my PMO Dashboard.

    I then used the link widget to create links to the hyperlinks for the published individual project dashboards.


    Hope this helps