Tracking Financials on a weekly basis appose to monthly

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We currently track our financials on a monthly basis project by project. We would like to track the resources on a weekly basis to calculate how much they cost weekly. Is there anybody that currently does this and could help us change our financials sheet from monthly to weekly?


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    Gotta have more info than that. Can you give us your current formulas or data types?

    doing it weekly can be much more difficult. I did it recently and ended up with this formula for my sheet:

    =JOIN(COLLECT($B:$B, $A:$A, $[Work Description]@row, $Created:$Created, NETDAYS(@cell, TODAY()) <= IF(WEEKDAY(TODAY()) = 7, 2, IF(WEEKDAY(TODAY()) = 6, 1, WEEKDAY(TODAY()) + 2))))

    This formula returns the results that are within the last week for which the description matches


    Maybe that can give you some ideas, but if you post more info we can help more