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Is there a WISHLIST of SmartSheet enhancements that we can add to?

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WISHLIST of SmartSheet enhancements


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    MMartinezEA - the Support team tracks customer feedback and submits their requests to the Product team. You can contact them by emailing support@smartsheet.com

  • Chris Racette
    edited 05/05/15

    From a user perspective, it would be great to see this list to get an understanding of challenges others are trying to overcome.

  • As a note, since this Discussion is tagged as an "Enhancement Request," you can actually click on that tag to pull up a search list of all Enhancement Requests, which is sort of like a master list but it's kind of unwieldy to scroll through quickly.


    I agree with MMartinezE and Chris-- a quick reference list would be great (and it would be nice to have it moderated to keep it as uncluttered as possible). It could even essentially be a short list of all the Enhancement Requests in linked list format. I feel like this would benefit Smartsheet, too--just counting "Like"s within Discussions would give an idea of how popular an idea is/frustrating a problem is, and it'd be easy enough to scroll through quickly that users might actually...use...it. 



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    There isn’t a public list of all the enhancement request we get from customers (it’s a long list!). Kaitlynn brings up a good suggestion, you can click the Enhancement Request tag to see any post users have made in the Community requesting features (although emailing Support is still the best method to suggest features). We also have a product roadmap which outlines features that are currently in development: www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap

  • Some of other software vendors I use put X amount of their "list" public and have the user community vote on what should be included into the roadmap.  It's rather sophisticated to ensure everyone only votes Y amount of times (think we get 5 votes per polling period) but seems like a nice way to get feedback.

  • I wish if you have some ideation module in this community where we can vote and bubble up the ideas/enhancement requests that are relevant to us.

  • Great idea!  A public enhancement request and discussion forum would be very helpful!  Some companies offer enhancement forums allowing users to submit and discuss enhancements.  They even use a voting system that allows members to vote on individual ideas.  The results are used to measure user interest and prioritize accordingly.  

  • Did this get anywhere?

    it would be awesome to have a "voice of the user" type voting system for enhancement requests.

    you guys say you're totally user request focused, so lets make this a 2 way conversation

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