Link limits regarding Vlookup


My question is regarding this statement:

"There's a limit of 25,000 inbound cells that can be referenced from other sheets into one sheet in total."

If a cell on the inbound sheet is reading a range from another sheet, do all the cells in that range count against the inbound sheet, or is it just the one cell that is counted against the inbound sheet?




  • Daniel Stein

    Hi Scott,

    All of the cells that are being referenced in the source sheet range count against the limit. For example, if I am referencing a lookup table that has 5 columns and 100 rows, then that would be 500 referenced cells.

    Re-using the same reference multiple times on the destination sheet does not count more than once, so you could reference the same 500-cell lookup table as many times as you want, and it would only count as 500 inbound cells.

    Hope this helps,


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