Linking directly to files from a dashboard?



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    Hi @florida_lori

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    As far as I know, there isn't any difference between the different plans regarding the expiration date.

    I hope that helps!

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  • We have an enterprise account & UNFORTUNATELY, it's still not possible to disable the 30 day expiration.

  • Y M
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    I agree with those confirming that Smartsheet is very limiting lacking this capability. Smartsheet is not a "cloud-service" as I confirmed when calling them directly to ask why the work-around has a 30-day expiration... This work around is inefficient because that would lead to having to re-upload all documents (every 30 days) with the work-around--copied link from the row attached document from a Smartsheet spreadsheet.

    So now we are maximizing our usage with OneDrive, but now we've learned uploading PDF attachments do NOT work to upload on a Smartsheet dashboard! That is our standard for various reasons of manipulating files... And now we'd have to convert those files from PDF to WORD DOC's? It just doesn't make sense...

    I highly recommend to get this fix.