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I am new to Smartsheets. We have been using a form-generated Smartsheet to track decisions about new acquisitions. The Smartsheet is getting so many rows on it that it is difficult for staff to use. I'd like to move rejected resources to another tab, and move decisions made more than 2 years ago to another tab. Is copying the sheet to a new sheet and making the changes the best approach? What happens if I then delete those rows on the original Smartsheet? What is the best way to manage form-generated sheets? Thank you,



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    Hi Margaret,

    I’d recommend that you duplicate the sheet and then remove all the data from the new sheet and then select the rows on the original sheet and copy/move them to the new sheet.

    Would that work for you?

    Another possible solution would be to group the information on the current sheet and collapse what isn’t relevant at the moment..

    I hope this helps you!


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  • You could also create a report that only pulls rows that have been added within a certain time frame and that are not rejected. That way, the report will update automatically as new forms are submitted and you don't have to worry about deleting/losing any data. It should also remove a lot of the manual work on your end. 

    When you make updates on the report (i.e. if a row is rejected) the change will be implemented on the original sheet as well and the report will be updated automatically. 

    Another option would be to create a shared filter to remove unwanted rows.