Autopopulating date/ cannot edit

Bri Boyer
Bri Boyer
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi Smartsheet peeps,


I am having date trouble in my project sheets. Below is the process I do:

1. Use dependencies to autopopulate the actual start and actual end at beginning of a project

2. Copy and paste those dates into the grey planned start and planned end columns

3. Edit the actual start and actual end date columns throughout the project


I'm having issues with #3 where I try to put in an actual date but it keeps going back to the one that autopopulated from the beginning. Do I need to turn these dependencies off in order to edit the date to what I want?



  • Bri Boyer

    Also - is there a way to lock the actual start and actual end dates once marked as complete? I'm running into the problem that when editting dates above certain others, ones below it auto adjust because of dependencies being enabled. I would like the cells to lock. Kind of like distinguishing which cells I actually editted vs. which were autopopulated.