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Hopefully I'll explain my predicament correctly!

Ive set up a sheet for the commercial department to track orders. I need a formula to track the value of orders quoted in a certain month.

The column I need the date range to come from is called Date Out

The column I need the descriptor to come from is called Status, and the descriptor in this instance is named - Quote Sent Out

The column to calculate from is called GRP.


Hope someone can help?!?







  • Paul Newcome
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    The only way I have been able to get it to work is to add a support column which you can shrink the width to the minimum, use white fill, and use white text to hide it a little bit. You can also put it anywhere within the sheet. I usually stack my support columns on the for right, do all of the above, and lock them.

    In your Support Column enter:

    =MONTH([Date Out]@row)

    In your totals column enter the following:

    =SUMIFS(Value:Value, Status:Status, "Quote Sent Out", Support:Support, #)

    (Replace the "#" with whatever month number you are calculating for)

    I have tried about a million different ways to get it to just look at the month in COUNTIF and SUMIF functions to avoid adding a column, but I either get an error, "0", or "1".


  • padw
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    Wow! Thank you for your help. Enjoy your weekend!!

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