Is there a way to add attachments to individual fields?


I am working my way through a spreadsheet horizontally and adding the relative attachments to the attachments section to the left of the spreadsheet and labeling them with the same name as the column so I know which is which.  My questions is, is there a way to just attach the attachment in the individual field that it's related to?  It seems silly that there is only an option to lump all the attachments together. 

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  • Joy Durham

    I do not believe that is an option

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/07/18

    Ditto to Joy's feedback...  NO

    SS operates in the world between a spreadsheet and a database.  It 'can' act a bit like either one, but it most certainly is not composed of a full feature set of either.

    Attachments are handled in a funny way in the system.  They are objects of the sheet, but not to any particular row or cell.  So in reality, thought it looks like you are adding attachments to the left-most cell - you are really just adding them to the sheet.

    As an example:

    Do a weekly backup of "Workspace-X" which has 4 sheets and then un-zip the file, you will find that the folders:

    "Sheet-1 attachments", "Sheet-2 attachments", "Sheet-3 attachments", "Sheet-4 attachments".

    When you open the folder "Sheet-1 attachments", you will find a flat list of every attachment ever added to the sheet.  NONE of the files have any naming or index that will clue you in to what row (or cell) it was originally attached to.  All you have is the 'file name' and the 'file created date' which I truly hope is the day it was added as an attachment.


    The takeaway here:

    Be very certain that you have your automatic weekly backups put in place.


    Pray that you never have to try and restore them to their original place crying